All classes, workshops and camps and events are always FREE of charge! We welcome donations and the idea of "paying it forward" :-)

So far we are a 100% volunteer organization, supported by our students' donations and some local business support.

For tax-deductable donations to our 501c3 organization, please send check to: ArtFrog Art Academy, 301 Main St, #200, Marble Falls, Tx 78611.

For events and classes call 830-613 0692 or check our facebook site - click here

Educational Programs:

  • Arts education programs (classes, workshops and camps) for students of all ages and abilities: home schoolers, after school program, Mommy & Me classes, Classes for challenged adults, professional development seminars for artists/ crafters/ art teachers/ even VBS art teachers - designed to fit the needs of each student, from Beginner to Experienced.
  • 2014: 11 weeks of Summer Camps and Workshops for children, teens/adults and adults taught by 14 local artists/teachers.
  • Special Program: "Lost ART Program" with "Lost Arts Festival" (3rd Sat in Oct), Special Classes and a starting Museum, to showcase products and historical tool in vanishing arts and crafts like Weaving, Calligraphy, Pottery, Mosaics, StainGlass, Black/white Photography, Paper Making/Art and Embroidery,...
  • Community Art Program:
    Mural painting, fire hydrant painting project, creating team-work mosaics or large-scale outdoor installations and interventions to create awareness for the arts and engage a larger audience to participate.


  • Group showing of student works to promote both self-confidence and self-esteem as the student progresses in their chosen program: First group show of our "special students" in May 2014. 3rd Annual open children's show in fall 2014. Group shows of art/craft forms of students in planning.
  • Single showings for under-recognized artists, crafters and students in the local and rural areas to promote their own talents and media alone or in partnership with area guilds and art groups. Planning after
  • Program: " ART in VIEW "- brings works of art in offices, libraries, banks, stores, hospitals, schools,... Contact us if you would reserve a spot in your location! 830-613 0692

Volunteer and Intern Activities:

Volunteer and Internship opportunities for high school or college students and/or the general art-loving public. Join the FROGS and discover great ways to support and assist: office help, research, class preparation, gallery events, teaching, fundraising,... it is for you, the students, the artists the community. Help out 4 minutes or 4 hours, come in the Academy or help out from home doing research... our team welcomes you and thanks you for your time.

Outreach Programs:

  • Demos and hands-on at yearly area events like Burnet's Children's Day out, Marble Falls Children's Day Celebration, Burnet Bluebonnet Festival, MF: Elder Care Fair, Spicewood MAEDAY May at the Spicewood Elementary, Health Fair in Marble Falls 2014,...
  • Our Website, facebook, and twitter will serve as a platform to connect and inform all surrounding art and artwork interested guilds and groups, galleries, single artists and art students all ages, stages and abilities.
  • In planning: Program " ArtfrogVISITS" brightening up someone's day through the Arts: ArtFrog artists and volunteers will demonstrate or teach home-bound people, hospitz, nursing homes.
For events and classes call 830-613 0692 or check our facebook site here.
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