1. No, we are not a 501(c)3 yet... any day the mailman might bring the good news - I will let you know!

2. Yes, all classes, demos and events by ArtFrog will be FREE of charge.

3. Yes, we would love to connect with all art and arts-related businesses, groups and individuals - and beginning art students - even budding artists - and art lovers... so please contact us.

4. Yes, we love to grow ...so our 8 county ArtFrog region will expand.

5. Happy creating!


Our goal is to connect, link, befriend the whole art scene of central Texas. Please dropp an email telling us more about you at info@ArtFrog.org and we will contact you soon. If you are an art gallery or group, we would like to set a link to your website, shows, programs and offerings.

Make sure you befriend us on facebook, too, and share with friends: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ArtFrog-Art-Academy/208169909269190 

Spiecwood Elementary School, Burnet ISD, ... to be continued...

If you have questions or need reasons for partnering up with us, call our Executive Director, Heike Jost 830-613 0692 or go to http://www.partnershipmovement.org/
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