Classes + Instructors:


Laurie has been teaching art to children K-12 for 18 years. She currently teaches secondary art at the Faith Academy of Marble Falls. Her students have won local art competitions and placed in national contests. Children absorb creative problem solving skills and a can-do attitude. Laurie leaves children with new art skills that will last a lifetime.

Oil Painting: MARIA WALDEN


Sculpture/ Art History: MELINDA GRISSOM

Melinda is a retired fine art educator K-12. Loving to teach, she still helps out and substitutes within the Burnet School District. Melinda will share her love for sculpture in media like paper machee, wood, clay, metals in classes for all ages and abilities. She is known as a watercolor artist with her own works of art within the region.

Ceramics: HEIKE JOST

Heike’s background is based on a Masters Degree in Fine Art/ Public Art, teaching experience in various fine art disciplines at university level, public middle and high schools and community schools and a State Certificate in Ceramics in Germany. She has been teaching and training elementary art teachers, emerging artists and hobbyists all age and skill levels for more than 20 years. She has worked with artists as curator since 2000. Her own ceramic artwork is showcased in collections in Germany, Japan, Russia, Florida.

Fiber/Paper Arts: LYDIA COFFMAN

Lydia is a retired orthopedic surgeon and army officer and a hobby crafter all her life. Her primary areas of artistic endeavor are fiber and paper arts. She combines old-school crafting techniques with the modern twists of “re”- or “upcycling” and loves using high tech tools and software in her own art works. She believes in leveraging technology such as machine embroidery, computer printing and electronic cutting creative processes. She will offer classes in paper making, fabric dying, card making, collage, decoupage, machine embroidery, quilting, sewing, children’s art camps.

Photography: HEATHER DAY

As a sixth generation Texan Heather’s life and artistic work is steeped in nostalgia and a love of the land and its people. As an art student she explored drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture, but for ArtFrog she will contribute and hand-down her skills connected to Penny Candy Pictures – her lifestyle photography brand - and the latest digital imaging and processing techniques needed in photography.

Photography: RALPH HUFFMAN

Visual Arts/Dance/Photography:


Trained as a dancer in both classical ballet and the modern idiom, Ann became fascinated with photography and concentrates on five themes: Anywhere Ethnic, Flora and Fauna, Here and There, Mountain Vistas, and Sacred Spaces. Her attention to detail and keen observation skills will make her classes interesting and rewarding.

Mosaics / Art History: BARBARA KING

Barbara brings to ArtFrog Art Academy a love of the world in “bits and pieces”. She has created works in smalti, unglazed ceramic, art glass, found glass, and vitreous and recycled glass. Her works have been shown in many galleries like the Sacred Art Gallery in Austin, TX and the 2010 SAMA convention in Chicago, IL. Her latest work is on permanent display at the Eagle’s Wing Retreat Center Chapel at Burnet, TX.


Paper making: LYDIA COFFMAN


Basket Weaving: Pamela Hawley

Knitting: Wayne Hawley

Mixed Media/Chirldren's Programs: Judy Tull

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We are especially looking for artists /teachers who would like to teach rare arts or crafts techniques that need to be passed on/ handed down to not get lost for our " Recovering Lost Arts" Program.

Porcelain Doll Making: We are looking for a teacher!!!

Loom Weaving: We are looking for a teacher!!!

Silver smithing: We are looking for a teacher!!!

We are looking for a teacher!!!
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